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    The auxiliary propulsion system consists of an electric motor which is solid mounted with the diesel engine housing. Its rotor is separated from the diesel engine flywheel by a clutch.

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    With the clutch disengaged, the electric motor can take the ship from the harbor out into open sea. The boat with this type of Auxilia system can reach good performances (about 10 knots) also with smaller power (about 6-8% of the power of main diesel engine).

    If the captain decides to go at full throttle he will deploy the full power of the diesel engines. The clutch will engage and the combustion engines take over the ship’s propulsion. During this phase the electric motor can works as a generator recharging the batteries or producing electricity for the hotel load.

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    Electric Propulsion

    The difference between these two systems is mainly the speed reached in electric mode: with the main electric propulsion the boat could sail at maximum design speed, while in the auxiliary propulsion system is limited. The initial investment of auxiliary propulsion is much cheaper than the main propulsion.

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    Furthermore, in the main electric propulsion, the engine room could be planned anywhere you want, powering electric motor with cables to the advantage of space and comfort on board. Both Auxilia systems offer all advantages of the electric propulsion: economic navigation at low speed; silent and low vibrations through super-silent sound insulation capsule of gensets, then cruising in full comfort; minimal emissions through catalyzed gensets or batteries and significantly CO2 reduction.

    All Auxilia systems are customizable, studied for each case, available for new buildings and retrofits too. Auxilia systems are now available for light and continuous duty profiles for pleasure and commercial vessels (i.e. ferries, passenger vessels, tugboats, etc.).

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    The main electric propulsion system consists of an electric motor which works as main motor, instead of the diesel engine. The electric motor is mounted on the propeller train and it takes electric power from the gensets (or batteries).

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    This motor could be installed in a shaft line application (FPP/CPP), a pod system or other propulsion systems too.

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